About us

As there are significant differences amongst the utilization areas – starting from the type of product to be packed, sacking systems up to the filling volumes for storing/transportation – ROMCARBON can advise its clients on the sizes and textures that best satisfy their requirements. In case our partners need to pack big quantities of products ( between 200-2000 kg), we will guide them towards- LIVINGJUMBO INDUSTRY S.A.- www.livingjumbo.ro - a company from our Group which produces PP "big-bags". In this manner, we are able to assure the complete offer on the market of "raffia bags".

ROMCARBON is dedicated to constantly providing quality-proof products. We have all necessary certifications which attest the compatibility of our PP bags with alimentary products and certifications concerning the heavy metal content which state that our products are "heavy-metal free", being safe for food packing. In addition, we have a certification from LABORDATA- Germany, regarding the transportation of hazardous material into our PP bags.

All our actions are oriented towards satisfying our clients through an efficient manner and with care for the environment. In this respect ROMCARBON has implemented an integrated quality-environment management system.

This system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008, respectively ISO 14001:2004 standards by the SRAC approved Authority, partner IQNet.