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This website is held and managed by ROMCARBON S.A., identified by CIF RO1158050, J10/83/1991, for which data privacy is essential. Our policy and practices intended to protect the data focus on adequate and lawful processing, sharing and storing of personal information, as well on keeping this confidential, integer and available.

This privacy statement applies to the main business unit of ROMCARBON S.A. and its subsidiaries.

ROMCARBON S.A, processes and stores personal data in the EU, and can prove at any time compliance with the laws of the European Union, as well as the principles laid down hereunder.

This privacy statement represents the full privacy policy applicable to the online activities of ROMCARBON S.A.. This statement explains the types of information we collect from customers and how we use it.

Our website complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which is a piece of binding legislation. GDPR creates new rights for individuals, and strengthens the rights already afforded under Directive 95/46/EC.

Principles of personal data protection

The data protection policy on the website relies on the following data protection principles:

  • Personal data is processed in lawful, fair and transparent manner;
  • Personal data is only collected for indicated, explicit and legitimate purposes, and data is not further processed in a manner that comes against such purposes;
  • Personal data collection shall be adequate, relevant and limited to the information required for processing purposes;
  • Personal data shall be accurate and, whenever necessary, updated;
  • The necessary measures will be taken to ensure that inaccurate data is erased or corrected without undue delay;
  • Personal data shall be kept in a form that supports identification of the date subject, and for a period which is not longer than that during which the data is processed;
  • All personal data shall be kept confidential and stored securely;
  • Personal data shall not be shared with third parties, unless this is necessary to provide services under contracts;
  • Data subjects are entitled to ask to be allowed access to the personal data, to have this rectified and erased, to object to or restrict data processing, as well as to data portability.

Personal data

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject). Personal data includes all types of direct and indirect (meaning used in connection with other data) information which regards the data subject, such as name, date of birth, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Collection of personal data

The data we collect on our website includes the following:

  • name, first name, telephone, email address, name of company/employer.
  • we collect data about your device and the manner in which you and your device interact with out products.
  • we collect data about the features you use and the webpages you visit on our websites.
  • we collect data about your IP address, the regional settings and the language settings.


Purpose of collecting personal data:

  • information of customers/buyers about the status of their Account, including validation, shipment and invoicing of orders, addressing cancellations or any other issues about an order, the goods and/or services bought;
  • sending of newsletters and/or regular alerts via electronic mail (email, text messages), but only when the data subject has explicitly agreed thereto;
  • market research, tracking and tracing sales and customer/buyer behaviors.
  • staff recruitment, pursuant to the personal data disclosed in the resumes of job applicants.


Use of personal data

We will use personal data only in the context of the purposes listed in the previous article. Furthermore, ROMCARBON S.A. can provide the personal data of the buyer to other partner companies, but only for the aforementioned purposes, as follows: couriers, providers of promotion and advertising services, accountants, IT companies, including website powering and hosting services, printing houses.

The personal information of the buyer can also be disclosed to General Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the courts or law and other empowered bodies of the state, on the basis of and subject to the legal limitations, and further to expressed requested received therefrom.


Security of processing

We will process the data in a safe manner, apply and maintain appropriate technical measures in order to protect personal data against destruction or accidental or unlawful loss, alternation, disclosure or unauthorized access, in particular when processing involves transmission of the data via a network, as well as against any form of illegal processing. Customer data is saved in databases on servers in the European Union.

In case of a security breach, which can be an accident, loss of data or unauthorized access, ROMCARBON S.A. shall inform the authorities thereof, which in Romania are represented by ANSPDCP. (the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing), within 72 hours of discovering the security breach.

Access to and rectification or erasure of personal data

Customers have the right to ask, at any time, to be allowed access to, rectification, erasure or restriction of personal data processing by us. In order to help us to keep the personal data updated, we recommend users to inform us of any change or discrepancy. To view an excerpt of, or modify the personal data, to obtain information about the period of time during which ROMCARBON S.A. intends to keep the personal data, or for any other inquiries about personal data, including final erasure thereof from our records, please email us at, or call us at 0751 042 529.

Marketing emails

ROMCARBON S.A. has the right to sent customers marketing emails with their consent. This specific form of consent should be freely expressed, specifically informed or precise. These requests are fulfilled when customers opted to receive marketing emails (active approval).

Customers will always have the right to object, at request and free of charge, to processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes without having to provide specific reasons therefor. Customers can do this by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link which appears in the email messages we send to you, or they can email us at Once the customer has objected, the personal data of that customer shall no longer be processed for direct marketing purposes.

The marketing emails contain information we find interesting for the customer, as well as news about our products and services.


Customers have the right to file a complaint in connection with processing of their personal data. All inquiries and complaints will be processed by us in due time and in line with our internal procedures.

In the unlikely event that customers sustained damages due to any violation of their rights under the personal data protection policy, and ROMCARBON S.A. has failed to apply the right treatment to the relevant complaint thereof, customers have the possibility to escalate the complaint to higher authorities.

Complains can be emailed at

Amendments of this policy

This policy can be amended from time to time, for instance, further to amendments o the relevant legislation or to changes of the corporate structure of ROMCARBON S.A. When amendments are made hereto, customers will be notified by email or via the website before such amendments coming into force. We urge customers to check out this page on a regular basis to remain informed about the latest developments in our privacy practices.


Effective as of: 24 May 2018